Monday, June 7, 2010

Outside door and some tipsy pots

I just can't tell you how much I love looking at other people's blogs and getting inspired!

Recently, I saw a post on "outside doors" on Rose's blog.

If you haven't' stopped by her blog Confessions of a Curbshopaholic, you really need to go check it out!

After she answered my demand request on how to make the door stand straight up, I knew I needed a door of my very own.

I called my dad, because he has two of everything, and asked him if he had a door with an opening at the top.

And...of course he did.

The door is one that came out of the primary school where I attended grades 2 & 3.

How fun is that?


May I present to you...

The door to classroom number 5?

Many a kid went through this door.

Just hoping that mine won't try it.

Thanks Rose for the inspiration!

Thanks Dad for the door!

And thanks Corey for putting it all together for me!


Nike said...

I am in LOVE! I want a door like so much -- it's perfect. Seriously liking the tipsy pots. Where'd you see those? Have a great tutorial link to pass along ...?

coryshay said...

Wow! That is so stunning! Look at you go! said...

I love Rose! she's my hero! Way to go, I love your door and your tipsy pot!

Midnight Rambler said...

Nice door, but those tipsy pots... you HAVE to share the how-to`s for that project! I NEED them in my yard, because those are just screaming for herbs to be planted in for me! Pleeeeeeease share! :o)

One Life Many Journeys said...

Loverly! Very welcoming

Katie said...

The door and pots look so good in your front yard! I too, would like to know how you did the stacking pots.

Rose said...

I love your door! Now I have to get numbers for mine, nice touch there.
I was so surprised to read my name in your post, thanks for the shout out! :)
For your readers looking for the tipsy pot tutorial, here is a good tutorial link.

Mary Ellen said...

So very cute!!!

Granny J said...

I came over from Rose's blog and love yours. The door and tipsy pots are so cool.

Midnight Rambler's comment about planting herbs in the tipsy pots is a great one. Perfect for just outside a kitchen door.

faith buss said...

I LOVE this!

Prior said...

I really like that door. It has character. Lezlee