Saturday, June 5, 2010

New Coffee Table

I recently bought the cutest coffee table at GW for 20 bucks.

I think that it must have been a couch in a former life.

At least my kids treat it like one.

It has the cutest little chunky legs and the little drawer in the front is so fun.

Here, let me show you...



Can you move so I can see the drawer?


Ok, I'll take a picture and the flash will surely break their trance.


maybe not.

You would think that they have never seen a TV before.

Let me try one more picture.

Surely that will make them snap out of it.

Or not.


Guess I'll have to show you the drawer some other time...


Midnight Rambler said...

Great find! Must have been something really mesmerizing on TV!

Granny J said...

What cute little faces. The coffee table is nice too. LOL That was a good deal for $20.

Kelli@bloom said...

I've been reading your blog for quite a while, and I'm always inpsired and amazed! I've recreated a couple of your projects, and absolutely love them! I'm bummed that you got busted @GW, because I was living vicariously through your adventures dumpster diving! Thanks for sharing and always inspiring me!

Sam said...

I realize this post is a few years old now, however, I'm gonna comment anyways!
If you'd like to turn that coffee table into something a little more than a hard couch for your kids, chalk board paint works wonders. You can get the spray can of chalk board paint at home depot for around $7. Just spray the top, paint the rest of it (or let the bigger kids) and voila! A table they can draw on!