Sunday, April 26, 2009

Being 3 means...

Being 3 means...

Believing Knowing that you are the Batman

Leaving a path of destruction behind you, all the time

Saying "I Love You" all the time, especially if you think it will get you out of trouble

Answering most questions with "Because"

Giving great hugs and kisses

Being loved by so many people that you are practically a celebrity

Happy 3rd Birthday Levi!


rachel said...

What a cutie! Happy Birthday Batman!

Ginger said...

I ALMOST miss having one so young. Happy birthday Levi!

Fonzareli said...

I'm openly a blocker aka a blog stalker. I am a sister to "Mi Vida Loca". I read some of your posts today.... The title "Being 3 means" really caught my attention, and I just wanted you to know you made one chick LOL! What a way to start a monday. THANK YOU THANK YOU!!