Monday, April 20, 2009

She is a Walker

She's just not a walking Walker, get it?

See the weird look she is giving me? Most people look at me like that. because I'm crazy

I find it annoying odd that some people put so much emphasis on milestones.

Holy fart on a log, what does it matter when a child rolls over, crawls, walks, talks, gets teeth, potty trains, can self-feed, etc, etc....???

It's not like my kids won't have cavities because they are "dentally advanced". They won't be less athletic because they walked late, they won't be in diapers their whole life just because I was lazy and didn't want to potty train early they potty trained after 3 years old. I fully believe that my one year old will not go to kindergarten not knowing how to use a spoon and I'm sure that she will know more words then Mama, Dada and shoes (ok, totally kidding on that last one...kinda). And a child that walks early is not "better" than one that walks late. When one of my boys walked at 10 months old we thought there was something wrong with him we never thought he was the "winner" of some strange child milestone competition.

In fact, our son that walked the latest, at 14 months old, was just voted "Most Athletic" of his 8th grade class. So, I'm not worried.

Yes, she is 13 months and yes she is STILL not walking. I haven't tried to teach her, she prefers to be carried around and we are enjoying this stage. When she wants to attempt it, we'll support her, in her own time.

So, until then, we will let her be a baby, a non-walking, baby.


rachel said...

Morgan was 16 months when she finally walked... and she hasn't stopped since!

Ginger said...

The ONLY reason I was anxious for McKenzie to figure out how to walk was because Porter was due to arrive any day. She was 15 months old and just "getting the hang of it" when Porter was born. I was so worried about "how would I carry 2 babies and hold Nathan's hand" that I forgot that she would be able to run away from me. A little short sighted, but...