Monday, April 13, 2009

Being sick sucks

I'm going on week 2 of the crud. This seems to be the cold that just keeps on giving. Luckily, not all of us have been on the receiving end of this nasty little bugger. But, when it gets ahold of you, it just doesn't seem to want to let go.

I made the mistake of saying, out loud, that I don't ever get sick. That was dumb. A few days later and bada bing...the cold set in.

Why, why, why is it not going away??? Is it because I am too busy to really take care of myself? Bummer, not like that is going to change anytime soon. But my energy level is so low with me feeling like crap and I need my energy more than ever right now.

Corey has been very blessed to receive consistent opportunities right now to make the big bucks. With the real estate market in the crapper, something had to replace his realtor income. This current gig that he has got going practically fell right into his lap. But, it means that he is gone a lot. Which, normally wouldn't be a problem, I can handle things just fine by my high strung self. Normally, I said, meaning no sinus burning, sleeping fine, high energy, norm.

I also do childcare. I do the childcare because I like having my own money. Corey and I have separate finances, always have. This just is what works for us. I don't have to be on the receiving end of the eye roll when buying shoes necessities. I also love children and taking care of them, teaching them and hearing them laugh. So to get paid to something that I enjoy? Total bonus.

The kids play sports. We let them. We encourage them. We pay for them to play. We watch their games or meets, every last one, home or away. Between my parents, Nana, Corey and I, we have never missed one of their events, ever.

Joseph is now swimming at a higher level. He just started swimming with the high schoolers, which means lots more practices that we have to get him to. Every morning before school at 5:30 am (yes, I said a.m., and yes, that sucks), and every day after school. Every Saturday that there is not a swim meet he has practice from 6-9 am. All these practices are a half-hour drive away from home. Right now he is doing track after school so we just have to make the morning practices and Saturdays. He wants to swim, and he wants to do track. He gets straight A's, so I am determined to let him.

Michael and Timothy are playing soccer for a school that is a half-hour drive from home. Luckily, this year, they are on the same team. But some of their games are out of town. Saturday, we drove 2 hours (each way) for a game.

This is only the schedule for the three oldest. Some people ask us why we do it, why do we allow them to be so active. I am very, very adamant that they not feel like they got the shaft for being part of a large family. It is important to support them in doing the things that they love. Because, let's face it, someday they will grow up and working will be what they have to focus on. So, for now, I want them to have some fun.

All these things are keeping me busy, 24/7. What else would I do with my time, anyway? But I just need to feel like me again to make it all work.

So, I know this is a super random post, must be the cold medicine talking?

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rachel said...

Gosh, Becky. I hope you feel better soon.
I really don't know HOW you do it all. You've never missed one event??? Oh man. You put me to shame.