Thursday, April 16, 2009

The things people say...

We have a big family, I get that. It's not that I'm unaware, it's just my norm.

I usually don't have to take all the kids with me when I am running around. I make plans to shop late at night when Corey is available, when my older kids are home to help and I shop on-line as much as I can.

But, sometimes, we are all out and about, the entire fam damily. People don't even try to hide their amazement at our numbers. They stare, very obviously (and loudly) count the kids, we have been glared at, and the comments...oh, the comments...

Don't get me wrong, it's not like I've never wished for a rewind button for my mouth. There have been times when I would have given my right arm to just rewind myself and been able to push the mute button. And my kids, especially one in particular, regularly opens up his mouth and vomits out any thoughts that he is currently having. I am hoping that old age will take over and I will someday be able to forget some of the things that he has said.

But anywhoo, I digress...

I had a conversation with a cashier at the grocery store last week, when purchasing milk for the week.

Cashier-(upon seeing the milk) "Eight gallons of milk?! Hope that lasts you awhile!"

Me-"Should last about a week"

Cashier-"Wow! How many kids do you have?"


Cashier-"Nine kids? What did you do?"

Me-Ummm....(Thinking to myself, "What did we do? Is he seriously asking me that? What do I say, isn't that obvious? Do I have to explain the birds and the bees?)

Uncomfortable silence follows....I think he realized what he had asked me because he wouldn't make eye contact after that. Either he was embarrassed or he gave himself a mental image that made him want to pour bleach in his ears in an attempt to erase it from his brain.

Other things that are said to us-

"You have your hands full"

"Are they all yours?"
-I love it when I have at least one daycare kiddo with me when asked this. I reply "oh no (like ya right), only nine are mine." Not nice, but really funny! You should see the looks of relief and then confusion that run across their faces.

"You deserve a medal"
-Just a medal? More like a long vacation on a deserted (quiet) island, a life-long membership to the shoe of the week month club, or a strait jacket. Maybe all 3?

"Don't you know what causes that?"
-I have seriously been asked that so many times that I can't even muster up a weak laugh just to be polite.

"Glad it's you and not me"
-Corey hates this comment that we have received many times. It really burns his butt. He always answers "So am I." And he does it in a way that the other person knows that he is pissed.

"I feel sorry for you"
-This one ticks me off the most. I try not to let the smoke flow from my ears and attempt to look confused. I ask "Why? I'm not sorry, I adore my big family" Jerks.

We love our big family, we did this on purpose, we wanted ALL of these kids.

And we always will...


rachel said...


You're such a good mom and your kids are so lucky to have you two as their parents.

Jut and Char said...

Reading that post was like listening to my mother talk about what has been said to her. I love big families and if I were to ask if they were all yours and your response was yes, I would say awesome. There are so many kids in this world with small families and crappy parents, it is nice to see a big family with great parents.

Sandi said...

I love that you commented on my blog. I can so related to EVERY damn statement/question on this post! We are a parade where ever we go.

Fatcat said...

I love a parade! ;-)

I have some designs on my cafepress store that you might be interested in. I can't do a link on a comment thing, but here it is to copy and paste.

lotokids said...

Hi! Rachel had a link on her blog to yours so I always have to go check out a fellow mommy of nine. Love the post, any family that has a couple close together can relate! What are the ages of yours, can't tell by pictures! Where is the family pic? Our kids are:
Deven 17
Amber 16
Bryen 14
Jered 13
Mikel 12
Ceiara 9
Taryn 8
Taylynne 7
Zane 6

We are in Riverton Utah (Laura Dinoff North) is my name on facebook if you have an account and want to add me. I am always up for conversing with mom's of large families.

"The Fam" said...

I just found your blog today and have spent WAAAAAYYY too much time browsing around! (obviously, since I'm commenting on a post made over a year ago...) I've got 6 kids - not quite the size of yours, but still enough to turn a bunch of heads at the grocery store. I once read a response to the "you know what causes that" question that I just can't wait to use sometime.... "I sure do, and I LIKE it!!" You go girl!