Friday, March 5, 2010


Michael is an athlete.


loves soccer best.

was the only Freshman to see playing time on the varsity field this last fall.

was voted Best Offensive Player of the JV team.

scored 1/2 of the goals for the JV team.

was very sad when soccer season ended.

Then, winter sports came around.

He couldn't decide which sport to choose, basketball or swimming?

He joined the club swim team in a nearby town (that his twin is on) and started swimming every day before school.

He then signed up for high school swimming too.

Swimming both club and high school at the same time is a common occurrence.

But, the basketball court was calling his name.

So, he talked the athletic directer into letting him play basketball too.

They said that they would let him because he was a freshman but next year he would have to choose.

I told him that he would have no social life.

He said he didn't care.

I already told you how his high school swimming went. (Only freshman to make the district finals in the 200 freestyle and 4th place at districts).

Basketball is now over.

He was awarded Best Defensive Player of the Freshman team.

So what are his plans for next year?

He still can't make up his mind...

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