Thursday, March 11, 2010

Question of the day...

How many kids can fit on a 3 person couch?

A lot, apparently...

Life is officially kicking my bum.

I thought we would have a small break in between winter and springs sports.

I was wrong.

I still haven't recovered from the grueling high school winter sports.

Joseph had his last swim meet on Sunday and started track on Monday.

Michael has his last swim meet this weekend and spring soccer starts the day after.

Both Joshua and Timothy start soccer next week.

And, then Liz asked to play softball.

In case you are keeping track, that is five different teams.

I'm thinking about waving the white flag.

Just not sure if anyone would notice...


Linda said...

Hang in there and enjoy every minute of your BUSY will be like me (empty nester) before you know it!


Ginger said...