Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Off to Boise

I had to hit the pause button and take a quick break from my crafting and get ready to go out of town.

High school swimming is now over but club swimming goes all...year....round...

There are two different long seasons, short course (all meets are in indoor "short" 25 meter pools) and long course (all meets are outdoors in 50 meter pools).

At the end of each season are the championship meets.

We are at the end of the short course season and the twins already had their club state swim meet.

It is all according to how fast you swim and how old you are. In order to qualify to swim at regionals or nationals you have to meet certain time standards. It really doesn't matter what place you come in at during state..

The twins were 14 during the club state meet and got to swim with the other 14 year olds from around the state. Joseph placed either 1st or 2nd in all his events and Michael placed in the top 10.

However, they have since turned 15 and now must meet higher time standards to advance to regionals.

Michael did not qualify but Joseph did...in five events.

I have to admit, I was a bit shocked surprised but really happy for Joseph.

He works so hard, he really deserves this.

So, this weekend, both Corey and I are headed to Boise to watch him swim against some of the other top swimmers in our region.

We have farmed out our kiddos to four different households and have a really big football player coming in to house sit for us.

I'm so grateful that we have people willing to accept bribes help us so we can go do this.

I'm excited to get away, excited to watch Joe swim but am feeling a bit overwhelmed trying to get everything ready.

I'm also really missing out working on my craft projects. I am working on some really fun things!

In the meantime, I've some bloggy goodness all set to post every day.

Can't let my blog get all lonley you know.

But, it will be fun trip, I'm sure of it.

Here's hoping that he swims fast!