Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My weekend

This last weekend we...

Went to two basketball games

Watched Liz's performances

Doesn't she make a cute ballerina?

We buried our cat, Spook, back by the garden.

Took the entire fam damily out to dinner for my birthday. Thanks Mom and Dad!

Stared, depressed at the growing mound of empty casserole dishes.

Counted eight meals left out in the freezer.

Had a good cry

Got to work cooking

Made 10 beef and bean pies

Two double batches of Taco Chili

Four batches of red potato soup

Four lasagnas

Eight bean and biscuit casseroles

And someone just informed me that it's going to get worse before it gets better.



takemetomaui said...

Did I miss something....why are you making so much food??? I want your big-family recipes!!


rachel said...


Happy *late* Birthday!!!

Kelly said...

What is all the food about? And do you really own that many casserole dishes? Really?

Happy Birthday!

Living Life Large said...

You make lots of food and then when it comes to crazy busy days and things like that you don't have to worry and still have a homemade meal for the family, at least that is why I do it.

I am also amazed that you use real casserole dishes, not me, I go for the Sam's club 30 disposable ones for 10 bucks and call it wonderful.

Are you at needing to full pans at each meal yet?

jenwakef02 said...

I love reading your Blog! Any chance you would post the bean and bisquit casserole recipe?