Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A lantern from Pottery Barn...or it is?

Aren't these lanterns simply divine?

Lanterns call to me.

They said..."Relax"

"Slow down"




Oh yes peeps, these lanterns are the big buckies at Pottery Barn.

Does that mean that my lantern dreams are all smashed up to smithereens?

Ok, that totally rhymes and I didn't even mean to.

Fortunately, Ben Franklin Crafts had the same size lantern as the big one.

And, if I couldn't have the big one, then I didn't want one at all.

**Puts hands on hips and stomps away**

Kidding, kidding...

I really don't throw fits like that all the time anyway

So, instead of shelling out $179 smackerals for a lantern...as if

I only spent $32 (it was on sale and I had a $5 off coupon)

Meet my new baby...

I call her Lanterny.

A very original name for a little girl, huh?

I actually rode home with her on my lap the entire way.

I know, I should have had her in a car seat but I couldn't stand to put her down.

She is just too precious.

I brought her home and dressed her up like she was some kind of doll.

Once again, thanks Pottery Barn for the inspiration!

And please ignore the outlet in the background.

I should have moved the lantern Lanterny before taking a picture but I was too lazy I forgot.


1 comment:

rachel said...

Lanterny looks so nice. Tell her hi from me.