Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Another weekend bites the dust

Ahhh...long weekend...nice. Me likey!

Corey....work all weekend....not so nice. Me no likey.

My dear, hard-working man had pimped contracted himself out for a job resigning all the banks that Chase had recently acquired. It's a good job, great pay and he is able to work his real estate stuff around it. Plus, it was only for 6 weeks. 6 weeks of him not being home much at all, leaving me to "man the ship" by myself. We had talked about it while doing five other things at the same time, listening to the kids argue, ignoring the ringing phones, while I stared longingly at my shoe collection sat down and talked about it and decided that he should take the job. After all, I can handle it, right? quit laughing

We are down to the final stretch. Actually, Corey was done with his assigned banks last week, on Wednesday. He was supposed to find someone to work with him and he tried, he really did. He had a friend with him for a few days one week and a different friend this last Saturday. But, other than that, he has been working alone. There are three other crews also working the same job and have been assigned other banks here in the same state. Crews, as in more than one person. Corey, working mostly by himself, has done half the banks. He is a machine. He just has amazing work ethic and just goes and goes and goes. like the Energizer Bunny on speed The owners of the company that he is working for are in awe. So, when he finished his jobs, they begged asked him if they could assign him more banks because the other crews are behind.

He told them he would be willing to do three more. They pleaded their case asked him to do five. The Chase executives are coming in today and all the banks are supposed to be done. They settled on eight. They faxed over the list. Maybe they thought Corey's math was fuzzy or that he wouldn't notice, but there were 12 banks on the list. Whew...

So...although, I thought I was going to have my partner in crime back in action here at the home front, I did not. He worked all weekend long. Leaving me flying solo...again. Not fun. There is nothing more depressing than knowing that you have just enough stamina to reach the finish line and then you look up and find out that the finish line has been moved.

By Monday, I was already long past crazy going crazy. It was supposed to be a holiday. As, in take a break. My holiday. Ok, not really mine, as I have never served my country, just my family, day in and day out. But I was counting on getting a break.

So, I concocted a plan. In hindsight, not a good plan, but a plan, never the less. I loaded up all nine of the kids in the great white beast, flipped down the TV's and off we headed to the outlet mall. In order to ignore the kids more effectively I brought along my Ipody-poo, which I affectionately call my little rectangular box of songy goodness. And yes, someone must have smacked me really hard me with the stupid stick.

We, along with everyone else in the universe area, was at the mall. Not good when you are trying to navigate a triple stroller amongst a sea of humanity while trying to do a constant head count. Constant head count=not loosing anyone...again Looking at anything was totally out of the question, let alone buying anything. Corey will be glad to hear that

Luckily, my knight in shining armor rescued me. He wrapped it up for the day, came and rescued the kids from seeing their mom go postal got the kids and took them home, leaving me to shop...alone. Shopping alone=Total bliss.

Don't worry, I played nice. I didn't even buy any shoes...for me.

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rachel said...

i need a nap after reading that. i'm glad you got some alone-shopping-time. that's the BEST!