Friday, May 8, 2009

Sometimes it pays to have big brothers

Josh is in a hard spot in the family please don't tell him that cuz he hasn't realized it yet. When we had Josh the twins had just turned 3 and Tim was 2. So, for those of you that can't do the math we had four boys, ages 3 and under.

Crazy times, crazy times...

Anywhoo, sometimes I feel bad for Josh because he is one of the "big boys" but he is the youngest one of the four. He wants to keep up, but it's hard.

Our three schools here are separated like this-Elementary K-4, Middle School 5-8 and High School 9-12. don't worry, I'm getting to the point

Because the four older boys are so close in age, they are all in middle school this year. It's actually quite convenient for me except on parent night...geez...4 schedules vs 2 parents, like that worked out well...not I load up all the kids in the great white beast van and make one stop. The van doors open, my van resembles a clown car for a couple of minutes and then I can go back home. Nice.

Josh is the little 5th grader this year and he had an "incident" at school the other day.

He was in the bathroom in one of the stalls. like we have to go into detail here? Obviously we know what he was doing He care of business and a couple of older boys come in and start opening and slamming shut the stall door where Josh was. He's begging demanding that they stop but they keep on harassing him. One of the boys got a look at his face (must say, all my kids look alike, we defiantly have the "cookie cutter" thing going on here) and then the torture opening and shutting of the door ceased.

SBK: stands for "stupid big kid" geez, keep up here, will ya "What's your name?"

Josh: "Joshua W*****"

SBK: *silence*

SBK: "Do you have a big brother named Joseph?"

Josh: "Yes"

Without another word the big kids leave...

See Josh? Sometimes it's all in who ya know! or in this case, who you are related to

Thank goodness for big brothers!!!

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rachel said...

That is AWESOME! well, not the bullying part... but the scared spitless of the big brother part!