Monday, May 11, 2009

Not Me Monday

I just big puffy heart this blog ! Stellan's story of dealing with a heart condition and the world's reaction has been touching and awe inspiring.

McMama does a Not Me Monday post and although I'd laughed at read the posts, I've never participated...but that's about to change. It's about lying admitting that you did something without really accepting responsibility.

I certainly did not attempt to fix the plumbing under the kitchen sink while Corey was gone. I wouldn't do something like that because I am not a plumber. Therefore, I would not have snapped the pipe clean off from wall. Nope, not me!

It was definitely not me that said a naughty word in front of the kids when the pipe came off. I do not do stuff like that. I most certainly did not attempt to convince them that I was only referring to the kind of damn that a beaver builds because I was wishing that one had been built where the water was gushing out of the pipe. Nope, not me!

I did not attempt unsuccessfully the Jedi Mind Trick on the kids to make them forget that a naughty word had been spoken.

It was not me that laughed when Timothy was upset about the joke his brothers played on him. In the event that someone would want to take the grand tour of our house during the party on Sunday, Tim's brothers put "baby books" on his desk and on his bed so people would think that is the kind of books that he read. Laughing would be mean and I would never do that. Not me!

I am defiantly not the kind of person that would greet the UPS man with too much enthusiasm when he delivered my shoes package. So much so that the next day when he delivered another package not a word, not. one. word. he wouldn't even come on the porch. He just looked both ways, slid the box onto the porch and then left without knocking. I would not think about kissing the UPS man for merely bringing me shoes.

I would not run outside, grab the package off the porch and loudly proclaim "Oh baby! Come to mama!" I am certainly more refined than that. I wouldn't open the box, kiss the shoes and say "Oh! Me likey!" either.

No, not me!


Pink Slippers said...

Just found your blog via Not me Monday. Loved seeing another large family loving what they are doing.
Mommy to six soon to be seven!

rachel said...

hilarious. absolutely hilarious!!

me likey.

Donna said...

Sooo funny and so true! Must remember to watch what comes out of the mouth when the littles (and not so littles are around).

Thanks for stopping by my blog!