Monday, May 25, 2009

Not Me Monday

Unbelievably it is Monday again and time for another round of "Not Me! Monday"

It was not me that got irritated by her son's teasing regarding her short stature. I wouldn't let stuff like that get to me. Ya know, sticks and stones and all that crap.

So it was not me that quickly shot her short self upstairs to the shoe closet and selected the most hooker-like tallest pair of heels in there.

It was defiantly not my broken toe that screamed, in agony, at the mere sight of the 3"+ brown and white zebra print, Oh Deer heels that had been selected. I would most certainly not traumatize my broken toe just to prove a point.

I did not march my now less vertically challenged self down to my son's school for the track banquet all the while ignoring the white flag that my toe was frantically waving.

I also did not actually feel like hot mama instead of soccer mama until discovering that my hair was pulled back with my daughter's hot pink, flannel, Bobby Jack monkey hair tie, ruining my "oh, I'm so working this look" moment.



rachel said...

you are such a good writer. seriously. you're my favorite blog to read lately!!!!

Kristi said...

Yea, My husband and I (who are both about 5'4) figured up that our oldest son (who is adopted) will probably be looking us in the eyes when he is about 10 (if he keeps growing at 3-4 inches a year) as he has so far, yikes!!

See you around McMama's.


mom24boys said...

Awesome NM post! Laughed out loud...I'll be back!