Saturday, May 9, 2009


Awwww....teenagers. What fun NOT!

I have a son whose mood swings and sharp tongue are driving me nuts. I've heard that "teenage girl" is even worse, please tell me that this is not so. or I may run away to Mexico or somewhere where they don't have swine flu

I'm debating not taking him to swim all week. Why should I continually pay for and support him in following his dreams when he is being such a pain in the butt, to both me and his siblings?

Please tell me that this is just a very short phase!

I called up my mom to whine and complain cry on her shoulder. I told her that I didn't know what to do to break him out of his funk and that I just didn't have any experience with crappy teenagers. After all, when I was a teen, I was a model citizen and didn't give my parents any trouble at all.

She started laughing...hysterically...

Mom: "Who then, told us that she was spending the night at a friend's house and then drove all night to California to see a boy?"

Me: "Um..."

Mom: "Who then, forged my name on a permission note to get out of school to go watch a state play-off baseball game? On the other side of the state?"

Me: "Um..."

Mom: "Who was it that at the age of 14 ***sorry, had to go back and edit this part out, figured that this was more than you would want to know about me. ahem... So, if you happened to read it before I edited it...sssshhhh......***

Me: "Um..." are you noticing a pattern here?

Mom: "Who got kicked off her 8th grade volleyball team for getting caught behind the school kissing a boy when she was supposed be in practice?"

Mom: "Should I go on?"

Me: "Oh gosh, look at the time...gotta ya mom!"

So, looking back on the things that mom remembers about my teenage years and all the other things that she never found out about I think that maybe I shouldn't be too concerned about a lil' ol' smart mouth after all Corey has a smart mouth too and some back talk.

I can't even think about them pulling some of the stuff that I did. It makes the veins bulge out on my forehead me want to lock them in their rooms. although maybe I will anyway...

Please pray that I survive this!


rachel said...

shoot. i didn't read this post in time to read the juicy stuff. dang it.
you know my email address. hook me up with some details!

Ginger said...

I don't really know what fine words of wisdom I could give to you. Especially since I have 2 teenage girls and have not yet had the pleasure of dealing with a teenage boy! I can tell you that teenage hormones mixed with "that time of the month" do not make for a blissful atmosphere. Hang tough-you are an awesome Mom!

Kristy said...

Oh Becky, teenage girls are so much worse (as you now remember from your moms story, and I remember from your stories - your secrets are safe with me!) Wait til they turn 12. That by far is the most trying time of any mom's life. I never let it show, but there were days where I really thought I would lose my mind. Hopefully your girls will not fight with each other, and girls can fight much worse than boys.