Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Who the heck in their right mind doesn't like french fries?

Lily is closing in on 14 months. She has never, not one time, eaten a french fry. This is sad. Makes me question what kind of mother I am.

I don't buy a lot of fast food. It's expensive. Maybe not for one person but when feeding the entire tribe, well, it adds up fast. and I'd much rather spend the money on shoes
It's been easily over a year since the last time I bought fast food.

I don't need to. I plan ahead on our meals geez, there's the OCD thing again and I'm a decent cook ok, being totally modest here, can I make a mean casserole, or what?!

It's not healthy. Course neither are my 3 inch silver spiky heeled pointy toed aqua snake skin piece of heaven shoes but that didn't stop me from buying them

So, after I dropped the boys off to soccer, I had an hour to waste, so I decided that I would treat Lily to dinner out. I realized that my two choices were Dairy Queen or McDonalds. But after McHurling the last time I ate at McDonalds, I wasn't McWilling to go McBack. So, that left me with the good ol DQ.

We went right over and I purchased her a kids meal (hamburger, french fries and milk) nothing for me. sniff sniff But I didn't just lose 20 pounds by eating burgers and fries thankyouverymuch although I totally wish

I hand her a couple of fries anticipating her shoveling them in with both chubby hands eating them very lady like, one at a time. She takes her first bite and I'm thinking "How fun! This is one of those "first" moments to savor." but then she spits it out and looks at it. She then hands the fries back to me and shakes her head. I try to give her back just one fry but she shakes her head again. I'm thinking


My brain is running through the possibilities. "What is wrong with her? Whose kid is this? Maybe she is really not mine. Maybe she was switched at birth. Well, she doesn't look like me at all. But, none of the kids look like me. Levi looks like me. Oh yeah, Levi's adopted. How can she not like the fries? She loves food. She can really put the food away at mealtime. After all, she has junk in the trunk. Oh, maybe she does look like me after all. This is all my fault. I should have given her fries earlier. Maybe there is a small window of fry-trying and then after that you don't want to eat them. Maybe her window is closed. How can I get my window shut?"

In the end, she just ate the hamburger. I won't be this neglectful of her life experiences again.

I really need to get her out more often. I need to make a list shut up of things to let her try.

Chocolate? check
Shoes? check
drinking? Highly frowned upon by DHS and besides, I'd beat her
Fries? sniff sniff...
Cookies? check
Cheesecake? gasp! I'd better fix that right away.

I'm off my rocker to go buy cream cheese!


rachel said...

you are too funny!!

Jut and Char said...

I love your blog!!