Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Surplus Sale and why I am married to a crazy person

It is not a big secret around them here parts that my dear husband, Corey, is a big fan of the local college sports team. He has been, his entire life, and if he is nothing if not loyal. In his closet, he separates his clothes into the yellow and green section and the regular section. And, no, I am not making this stuff up as I go.

Now the kids demand request that I too, hang up their shirts up in the laundry room with the yellow and green clothes at the front of each section. What can I say? I aim to please.

Each year the local college puts on a sale of all the leftover/overstock items. This, my friends, is a really big Corey. Granted, you can score hee..hee.. some really great clothes, a lot of it Nike branded or authentic athletic wear, at killer prices.

The sale starts at 8am and they let 50 or so people in at a time and Corey dreams wants to be in that first herd group. So, every year he gets up well before the start of the sale, on a Saturday morning no less, and waits in line.

Last year, he got a little competitive and it started to show. 5am was when the alarm went off. Not all the kids were willing to forsake their warm beds to tag along. I was with that group, Hellllloooo, warm bed vs. standing in line for several hours in the cold. that really a dilemma? I think not.

Anywhoo, I had to repress rolling around laughing on the floor chuckling when they called me, while waiting in line, because they were getting snowed on. I still can't help but chuckle a little, a year later, when thinking about it. But, never the less, they still came home, euphoric, about their loot.

It couldn't get any worse, right?


This year, the alarm went off at 2am. No, that's not a typo. 2 AM. I'm sorry but that is the middle of the freakin night. What does the A.M. stand for anyway? After midnight? Because there are a lot of times that are A.M. that are respectable. 2 not being one of them. I think that it should be called 2 MON for Middle of the Night because that is what it is! But if you are young and don't have kids it could be 2 JGPS for Just Getting the Party Started. But if you are like me, old and lots of kids, it should be referred to as
2 DBMIYKWGFY as in Don't Bug Me If You Know What's Good For You. Kinda catchy, huh?

Anywhoo, I digress.

So, they got up at 2 MON (are you following along here?), they didn't wake me up as they do know better collected their sleeping bags, camp chairs and warm clothes and went and sat stood in line until the sale opened, along with A LOT of other crazy people.

Was it worth it?

According to them, as they hauled in armload after armload of yellow and green merchandise, the answer was defiantly YES!

Next year? The plan now involves a tent and sleeping overnight.



megan said...

They are true fans! I was hoping to see a picture of all the great stuff they got. I agree I think we should go with the new changes MON or JGPS or my favorite as well DBMIYKWGFY.

rachel said...

no kidding. i want pics!

(when & where is this sale?? i've never heard of it.)