Sunday, May 17, 2009

Our weekend

The weekend is over??? Didn't it just start don't tell me that tomorrow is Monday again already!

Actually our weekend was quite lazy and relaxing without any sporting events to rush off to. We all enjoyed the change.

Friday night Corey and I went out grocery shopping on a hot date, the first in forever I don't know how long. I guess you know that you are old married farts when your idea of a good time is picking up bananas at Super Wally World.

Joseph was supposed to have a swim meet on Saturday but since he hasn't swam all week due to the throw-up-athon we had him sit this one out. The whites of his eyes are still bloody and freaky looking. too bad that it's not Halloween cuz he would have fit right in but don't tell him that I was making fun of him because that would be mean and I'm a really nice mommy. No laughing.

Saturday was uneventful with the kids being yelled at by mom to get their chores done or else! peacefully going about doing their Saturday chores without having to be asked. The weather was stellar and so the kids spent a lot of time outside. where I couldn't see or smell them I did have some unexpected company, the couple that I am doing a wedding cake for showed up on the wrong day, but I was just arranging my shoes mopping when they arrived, so I was able to sit down with them and go over the cake nitty gritty.

Later, I visited with a lady who came over to check out the nuthouse talk to me about doing daycare for her kids this summer. She kept saying, over and over, "I just don't know how you do it! I'd go crazy!" I decided that it probably wouldn't be a good idea to point out that I am indeed crazy as I doubt "Crazy" is one of the characteristics that she is looking for in a daycare provider.

Saturday night, Timothy and I went out for "Mommy/Timmy time". We Timothy drooled over the Lego sets while mom stood and watched went shopping for legos, went out for Chinese food and got to watch all Prom dates displaying terrible manners, which was cheap entertainment and then Timothy got a blizzard. while mom, sadly, refrained It was fun and nice to spend some time with just Slim Tim.

Sunday, I once again skipped church offered to stay home with Lily and spent the time napping getting a lot of cleaning done.

After church, Corey graciously offered cuz he knew I was about to go postal to take the kids out to my parents house so I could have a break. Talk about quiet...and peaceful...and quiet...and relaxing...did I mention that it was quiet?

I sorted through stuff, more stuff, and more stuff. Whew...

My parents called tonight, exhausted from entertaining the kids
I couldn't help but laugh, out loud and with gusto. My mom said that they can't figure out how I do it. Ah, if I had a dollar for every time I was told that...I'd own a lot more shoes...

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