Thursday, June 11, 2009

8th Grade Graduation

How can it be that the twins have graduated from 8th grade? I'm clearly not old enough to have 14 year old sons.

Last night was their 8th grade recognition and since Michael is the Vice President, he read off half of the names. Joseph was recognized as the Secretary of the Freshman class and a video presentation of 8th grader's baby pictures was shown.

My twins had decided that they would rather not have any baby pictures of them shown so they neglected to inform me of the deadline. Unlucky for them Luckily, I have connections at the school and I had Joshua smuggle take some really cute baby and toddler pictures of the twins in so that they could be embarrassed included.

It was a nicely done event, waaaaaay to hot in the gym, but they kept it short and sweet.

The only sour note for me personally was the way many of the 8th grade girls were dressed. The amount of strapless dresses, cleavage, and extremely short skirts was shocking surprising and I heard several parents comment on how trampy some of the girls looked. I was honestly embarrassed for them and their parents. Why do they feel the need to look like that? It just took away from the reason that we were there.

Maybe I'm just more conservative than most?

The twins, their best buddy friend "As-cool", and the principal.

The twins with my parents.

Proof that they didn't flunk the 8th grade.

My freshman. Gulp!

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