Monday, June 22, 2009

Swimming Lessons

Hannah, Levi and Matthew all started swimming lessons last week. Every day they drive me insane asking if it's time to go yet they wait patiently until it's time to head down to the pool.

Matthew, being 5, is in an older class this year and has an instructor all to himself. He is LOVING it!!! He appears to be a fish like his older brothers and sister.

Hannah, being the prima-donna that she is, did not want to get her hair wet. She did, however, dip in a toe or two just to look fashionable. After all, it is all about looking good at the pool and not so much about the whole learning how to swim thing.

Levi, on the other hand, has no fear, whatsoever. Daily, he gives his poor instructor a good workout. The high school kid that is Levi's instructor is probably regretting his summer job choice. We do what we can to enlighten the teenagers on how hard parenting is. We are just good citizens like that.

Levi and Hannah in the 3 year old class

Who needs water? I just come to play with the new toys.

Levi, being shuttled back to the shallow end of the pool...again...

Matthew, aka Fish Boy

They are going for 3 different sessions. 1st session, 3rd session and the 5th session. I did it that way to give them a break in between who am I kidding, it is a break for me, it's all about me.
Happy Swimming!!!

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stepfabulous said...

Cute Cute Cute. Swimming lessons are hard but looking back they were so fun. Just wait they they're in their suits at 13 ogling one another like my daugther and her friends! UGH!