Saturday, June 6, 2009

Yea for Friday!

Corey was gone again this week. It's bittersweet because the $ is what makes our little world go round nice, but we really, really miss having him home.

He left Monday morning and wasn't supposed to be back until Friday night, late. But the work-a-holic worker bee that he is, he finished up late Wednesday night and then came home. He arrived home in the middle of the night and, boy, was I ever surprised.

Surprised, as in, bolting upright in bed, gasping so loud and long that all the oxygen in the room was depleted, and probably possibly wetting my britches.

Yep, I was that surprised.

But, because my hubby was home again, I was able to go shopping insert applause here and hammer down the rest of the kids summer wardrobes. Obviously, I didn't go until the next night, even though I was wide awake at that point. Instead, I was checking to make sure I still had a pulse.

While doing so, I discovered something about myself.

I talk to myself...out loud.

I can't seem to help myself. I'll be making good use of my time shoe shopping and I'll come across something that is ug.a.ley. Yes, that is three syllables. Go ahead, you try and say it that way. I'll wait.

Finished? Ok, moving on.

So, when I spy with my little eye something ug.a.ley, I would grimace and then indicate my opinion.

Ugh, yummy or mmmmm (said with sarcasm, of course), yuck, bleh, and blek are some of my favorites.

I don't mean to do it, it is just spontaneous. Then I would find myself looking around quickly to see if anyone heard me. But, when someone has witnessed first hand my craziness and then I know that they's just embarrassing. Then they know that I know that they know. Know what I mean? You haven't fallen asleep here in class, have you?

Anywhoo, then I would try not to whip my head around, as to not call anymore attention to myself. I would just shift my eyes from side to side without moving my head.

But, by the end of the night, I found myself shushing myself after making a comment. Sshhhh! What the heck is up with that? I'm embarrassed of myself, really. I'm surprised that the people with the loony cart aren't following me around, waiting for the moment that I crack.

As if the talking to myself wasn't bad enough, the totally cute flip flops that I was wearing would occasionally make a weird noise. Unfortunately, the weird noise sounded strangely like a fart.

So, talking to myself and making farting noises...

Does anyone want a shopping partner?



Anonymous said...

Yeah, I do that, too.

I have also found myself saying excuse me when I sneeze and I'm by myself.

Dawnelle said...

laughing over here!

rachel said...

i'm calling the looney bin peoples.