Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Lovely Blog Award

Lisa over at Rants and Rambles has awarded lil ol me with the "One Lovely Blog Award".

That totally makes my day!

I just don't know what to say.

**whips acceptance speech out of pocket**

**clears throat**

First, I just want to thank all of my...


No speech?

Oh...Alrighty then...I see how you are.

Keeping on with the rules sharing of the love, I will now nominate blogs that I have newly discovered so they can get rid of it like a hot potato pass it on down the line.

If you accept your nomination then please leave me a comment and nominate blogs on your own blog.

1. Joie

2. Journey to Josie

3. Mi Vida Loca

4. Surrendering All

5. The Missing Piece

I think you can nominate up to 10 but I'm afraid that the natives are getting restless that I'm out of time.

I noticed that four of these blogs are about foster and/or adoptive care. I guess that makes it apparent where my heart is...


Ginger said...

Becky, thanks for including me in your heart...even though we don't have foster or adopted children. We have, however, rescued several animals and they are currently spending time in our care, does that count? *wink, wink*

Dawnelle said...

well, thank you, and I love foster/adopt blogs, too! And I love yours- so fun! ;)

Rebecca said...

THANK YOU!!!THANK YOU!!!THANK YOU!!! You are such a sweet person!! I will blog about it this week--as well as other things. I have finally caught my breath and it is time to move on! I may adopt again, or least I really want to!