Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Out of the mouth of Little old Ladies Babes

The four older boys are at Scout camp all week so I only the five younger with me when I went to the store.

The two cutest little old ladies came up to us and were looking at the kids.

When you are reading this conversation it helps if you think the words for the Little Old Ladies in a cute little old lady voice. It makes it more realistic. And, if you are looking for realism, please think my words in a beautiful, sexy va-voom voice. ahem...

Little Old Lady 1: "Are all these kids yours?"

Me: "Yes, they are sure are."

LOL1: "You have five kids?"

Me: "Well, I actually have nine kids."

LOL1: (said with amazement) "You have nine kids?"

Me: (said with a smile) "Yep, I sure do."

LOL1: "Then why are you smiling?"

Me: **confused**

LOL1 turns to LOL2 and whispers (loudly enough for me to hear) "She's smiling because she's already gone over the edge."

LOL1: (turns back to me and pats me on the arm) "Well, that's nice dear."

Darn. And here I thought this whole time that I was doing a pretty good job of hiding my insanity.

Guess I'll have to try harder...


Terresa said...

This is a great post! To have 9 kids & smile! That is some kind of huge triumph, indeed. I had 4 kids in 5 years (including twins) and felt like I'd gone over the edge after baby #4. But at least he wasn't twins again.

You go, girl. Continue to light the world with your smile and children...the world needs more of that! ;)

Torina said...


Broken said...

:) I love old people sometimes. They just make life so much more interesting.

Ginger said...

At least they didn't ask if all five of them are twins...didn't you have that experience recently, too? At least with the LOLs, you don't have to wonder what they were thinking--they pretty much said it aloud for you! ;)

Ginger said...

BTW- I have a friend here who has 12 kids and homeschools. I like to make friends with all of you "larger family" folks, because it keeps it all in perspective for me. Love ya, Becky!

rachel said...

the jig is up.
you've lost it and we ALL KNOW!!

rachel said...

btw... traci had one of your bows on her baby the other night and it was SOOOO CUTE!!!
the bows couldn't have gone to a better baby.
thanks again for doing that. it was really fun!

Dawnelle said...

haha! funny!