Saturday, June 6, 2009

So sad

I recently watched a news story on line because I don't have time to watch TV about how out of control kids birthday parties are becoming.

A well known celebrity recently spent over $100,000 on their daughter's 2nd birthday party. Excuse me for a minute while I reattach my jaw, which has fallen off

They were interviewing a TV personality I didn't know who she was but apparently many people do who just threw her three year old daughter a very lavish Barbie themed birthday party. She said that the reason that she does this is because her parents gave her lame birthday parties which consisted of relatives sitting around eating cake that her mom had made. Apparently this scarred her for life.

How sad is it that a lame birthday party is where your relatives take time out of their day to come and show you that they care about you and your mom loves you so much that she makes you a cake from scratch.

And a really great party is hiring some girl that you don't know to dress up like Barbie and pretend to be your best friend and you bribe your friends to come by giving away goodie bags valued at $1000.

It is just me, or is this sad?


Ginger said...

A store bought cake at the last minute and a giant hug is so much better than "bribing" someone to be your friend for the day! Parties have gotten so out of hand, that most of our children haven't even had one! (Something, I'm sure, will scar THEM for life.) ;)

Tudu said...

We barely acknowledge our kids' birthdays on the day. They get to choose all meals that we have at home that day and dessert. No real cake or candles. We do sing and they get one small gift. If we do any more than that they act out.

As for a party, we go way out. We do one party for all the kids and this year we let the grandkids join in and invite their friends, too. We spent about $850 for 11 kids, it also served as their end of the year party. More than 100 people showed up but that was b/c it rained.