Sunday, June 14, 2009

Just when I thought that I'd heard it all

I honestly thought that at this point in my motherhood career I had heard it all and some of them over and over and over again...

I had these three little QT pies in the triple stroller and Lily in the frontpack no wonder my back has problems and was at the store.

A lady came up to the stroller and stood there looking at Matthew, Hannah and Levi.

She turned to me and asked,

"Are them three twins?"

Because I suspected that she wasn't the brightest crayon in the box I didn't laugh but a woman standing nearby did...and loud.

I just smiled and told her "nope, they sure aren't."

But I have to give her credit...I hadn't heard that one before.


Chelley said...

ahhh never heard that before LOL LOL

how you didnt burst out laughing!! my hat if off to you!

Dawnelle said...

oh, that is hilarious! lol!!!

rachel said...

i can't stop laughing!!!!

(i read that comment with a white trash drawl, fyi)

Shosh said...

LOL! Some people just arent the brightest, are they?