Friday, January 8, 2010

14 hour road trip + 9 kids = my personal hell

A few days before Thanksgiving, Corey we decided that we would make a quick trip to Utah.

Giving me only a few days to come up with reasons not to go to get ready was crazy!

Luckily, me and crazy are best buds!

We literally finished Thanksgiving dinner and then left.

Driving all night is not fun.

Overdosing on caffine will make you act weird.

Trust me.

Doesn't Matthew look happy at the propsect of driving all night?

I feel your pain buddy.

Believe me.

Please ignore Lily digging for treasure.

We made sure that Lily didn't have a nap on Thanksgiving in hopes that she wouldn't fight going to sleep in her carseat and that she would sleep most of the way there.

This was Lily only 15 minutes into the drive.

Too bad she didn't stay that way...

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