Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Utah pictures

This is one of Corey's brothers and his wonderful family. We just love, love, love this family!

Corey comes from a really large, blended family (he is one of 10 kids) and there is so much that is just so unpleasant about it.

Lots and lots of negativity, materialism, arrogance, abrasive, loud personalities, backbiting, competitiveness...it has totally burned us both out.

Not all of them wear us out, there are a few that we enjoy being around but he has one brother that is, simply put...stellar.

Both him and his wife are caring, warm, genuine, down-to-earth, humble, lovable people and our kids get along wonderfully.

The reason that we made the suicide whirlwind trip to Utah, was because their twins (they have a set too!) were getting baptized. We wanted to be there to share in their special day.

While we were there we got to take the kids down to Temple Square to check out the amazing light display. Breathtaking!

We left on a Thursday in the afternoon and arrived Friday morning. We left Utah the next night, Saturday and arrived back home Sunday afternoon.

I think that kind of trip is called a suicide. Probably because you want to take your own life to get out of the remainder of the trip.

Was it worth it? Driving hour after hour after hour after hour with a van load of kiddos?


Miss you guys!


More Utah family

And more

And more...are you seeing a common theme here?

Corey with Lily at Temple Square

Doing the headcount lineup.

What is so remarkable about this picture of Hannah with my sister-in-law is that Hannah does not go to anybody. But, she really took to my sister-in-law and kept going up to her wanting to be picked up.

I so loved seeing Hannah reach out to someone like that.

Corey with all four of his "full" brothers, along with their dad. What totally cracks me up about this picture is that Corey and his twin (on far right) are wearing very similar jackets. Corey is in red and his twin is wearing blue.

Those are the colors that their mom always had them wear. Too funny that they still, unknowingly, do this.

Obviously, they are both scarred for life.

The reflecting pool was amazing!

In the reflecting pool were these little light balls.

I don't know exactly what they are but I need some.

For real.

The view on the way home.


Especially when it means that home is nearby.

Home, sweet home.

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megan said...

Wow I would say that is a suicide trip. I don't know how you guys do it. At least you got to do some fun things while you were there and you got some great pictures! I need to take my boys to Temple Square. (Another 8 hr trip on top of our 12 doesn't sound like much fun yet)