Thursday, January 28, 2010

Eagle Court of Honor

Recently we celebrated the twins making Eagle Scout by holding an Eagle Scout Court of Honor.

The twins were awarded their Eagle Scout awards and then we all hung out enjoying some gourmet desserts.

The only hiccup in the whole thing was when the twins were given the Mother's pins to pin on me.

They both scrambled to be the first one to get to "pin" me. Joseph shoved Michael out of the way and announced that because he was the "older twin" (hello Joe, only by a mere minute) that he got to pin me first.

Michael allowed it, but when it was his turn, he loudly proclaimed, "I'm pinning mine higher".

Nice that my Eagle Scouts are such a good example of maturity.


Here are the centerpieces that my brother and sister in law made.

We ripped boards off of our old barn don't panic, we are ripping it down eventually anyway and printed out all the words from the Boy Scout Law. The words were glued to the wood and each table had a different word.

We went to the scout store and bought the 12 Eagle required Merit Badges and each one was glued onto a barnwood plaque. Each table had a different one.

See how I slipped in a fleur in the background of the merit badge plaques? I just can't seem to help myself when it comes to fleurs. I wonder if there is such a thing as fleuritis?

Jo-Ann's Fabrics had actual official Scout fabric. I bought a bunch (with my 40% off coupon, of course) and cut out squares for the centerpieces.

We used three different sizes of canning jars and filled them with rocks and battery operated candles (from the dollar store). Then, a flag went into each large jar. Each table had a picture of the twins in their Scout uniforms, in frames that I also picked up at the dollar store.

I'd been buying cheesy ceramic eagles at Goodwill here and there, and Corey rounded them all up and spray painted them with a bronze paint. This way they would resemble a much more expensive (cough cough) and regal looking bronze statue.

Some random pinecones and knots rounded out the centerpieces, making for a really cute display.

Thankfully because it was a lot of work for just one night we have other Scouts working towards Eagle so I know we will be able to reuse them.

The twins with their Nana

The twins with their best buddy, "Just-cool"

Up and coming Eagles (the one on the right is my Timothy)

Corey's aunt and uncle, along with his dad and grandpa

I have no idea what is going on with Matthew here...

Corey's brother and sister-in-law came from Utah. Have I ever mentioned how much we love these guys?

Our beloved Nana and Uncle Al.

The standard "say cheese" face from Levi

My dad with his buddy, Levi

Poster that my awesome brother and sister-in-law put together for the twins

Pictures of their Eagle Scout Project

Table where we displayed the twins' Award Books, Eagle Scout Project Books and Scout binders.

The twins' Cub Scout uniforms. It feels like they just turned eight and started Cub Scouts. How can they already be Eagle Scouts?

Proud Parents!


rachel said...

But where's the 6ft eagle cake covered in fondant???? Becky, I'm disappointed in you. I expect much better than this. ;)

No really, GREAT job!!

Marilyn said...

Becky - you have really helped me with my son's eagle ceremony - I had to purchase barn wood - but it is worth it - great ideas!!! I cannot find eagle statues anywhere - would you be willing to rent them? I live in Dallas! May 15 is our ceremony date? I know - crazy - I just loved all your ideas!!!


G-man said...

Awesome decorating ideas. Thank you very much. I wanted something that really conveyed the Boy Scout theme. This really covers it. I'm going to assemble most of this (my son would kill me if I did the pictures of him) and hope that other boys in our troop will want to put them to use later or I could make my son decorate his room with it.

MittenMom said...

I like how you decorated the tables by bringing in the out-of-doors. Planning a ceremony for October. Can you add a photo of the food table?