Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I'm completely somewhat behind...

This is totally how I feel too...

We had so much going on in the six week period before Christmas that I still am finding it hard to catch my breath.

So...I am just getting around to posting Christmas pictures.

I guess because we were so busy, I just had a really hard time getting into the Christmas spirit.

We didn't put up any lights outside this year again, the tree didn't get decorated until the 23rd and I felt guilty for not being excited.

I guess what doesn't help is that we were getting ready to tear apart the front room, are currently in the middle of a bathroom remodel and are awaiting the delivery of our siding. Whew...

Here are a few random Christmas pictures for your viewing amusement pleasure.

Each year a different kiddo gets the privilege of putting the angel on top of the tree.

If you get more then two turns in your lifetime, you are living at home too long are lucky.

This year, it was Levi's turn.

This was the tree on the night of the 23rd.

24 short hours later...

It looks like a bomb has gone off.

Hope you too have a wonderful Christmas!

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