Saturday, January 16, 2010

Eagle Before and After

Our four older boys have man caves bedrooms in the 3rd story.

That way I can't see them or smell them and they will have a harder time sneaking out.

I thought this through, ya see?


In between their doors was a large, blank wall, begging to be decorated.

Because the twins are already Eagle Scouts and the other two are well on their way, we thought that a patriotic, eagle theme, on the wall and in the stairwell would do nicely.

I came across the coolest eagle picture ever at the local Goodwill.

I loved the detailing...the way the eagle was 3-D...the large picture size...the heavy duty frame.

It was a quality piece.

Unfortunately...the colors screamed, "I was made in the 80's!"

But, then it went 1/2 off.

So, I picked it up for a measly $7.50.

Now we're talkin.

We took it "down to the studs" and repainted each piece with vibrant colors.

We used American Accent colors for the background and eagle pieces.

For the rock piece we picked out a really cool spray paint by Rust-o-leum that actually looks like stone with the texture and everything. I love that stuff!

It was very easy to put back together, which usually means that we did something wrong, but not this time. Thankfully.

What an improvement!

Me likey!

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