Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Globe redo

Recently, I picked up this globe at a Goodwill shocking, I know for $6. They sell the exact same globe at TJ Maxx for $30 so this was a really great deal.

I've been looking for a globe with more muted colors and this was perfect.

Someone tried to rip the globe off before removing the bottom pin so I had to do a little doctor work.

Then, I took painted the stand and end circles. I used the Rust-o-leum Oil Rubbed Bronze color (I can only find this brand and color at Lowe's) which is my fav.

I thickly mod-podged the entire globe to give it some texture and to make it harder for the kids to rip the paper sections off.

I then put a bunch of BB's inside it so it makes a really cool water-like sound when you turn it.

A tip: be sure and plug the hole on the bottom of the globe before adding the BB's.

Unless you like picking up hundreds of BB's off the floor, then go ahead and leave it unplugged.

The final touch was the addition of a swarovski crystal where we live. An "X" marks the spot.

The final "ta dah"!

Hope it lasts awhile before the kids destroy it...


Rayli said...

looks great!

rachel said...

Ooo I love the crystal idea! Clever.