Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Before and After aka My attempt at "Decor for Cheap"

I saw this totally fab idea on the Shanty2Chic website for a really cool picture frame.

So, I stole it.

The idea, that is.

First, I started with a bunch of frames that I picked up at Goodwill and the Dollar Store. The big one I totally scored at Goodwill when it was "The color of the Day" so it only cost me 4 bucks. My kind of deal.

I whipped out my can of American Accents Canyon Black and sprayed all the frames. I say "I" but what I really mean is "Corey". Because he doesn't think I can spray paint the correct way. sigh...

I took the back out and cut out a piece of drop cloth (from Lowe's) to fit. I then took my spray-on glue adhesive and glued it on.

I discovered that standing between what I am photographing and the light source will make a large small, skinny dark area on my item.

Just passin on what I learned, that's all...

I turned it over and hot glued the edges down.

Next, I put the canvas covered backing into the frame and put pieces of foam board (from Dollar Store) in behind it to make it sturdier.

Then, I pushed on the frame, cracking it. At that point, I had to ask Corey for help in putting it back together.

That step is totally optional. You might want to skip it actually.

I'm just sayin...

Next glue on the frames and whatever you want to use to hang the pictures with . I went with really strong magnets which were kinda pricey (from Staples) but you can use cheaper hooks or close pins if you desire.

I also added a fleur that I cut out on my Cricut. I love me some fleurs.

Just add prints and voila!

This is a really big picture. Just to give you an idea because I am too lazy to go upstairs and measure it the four big frames are 8 x 10 each. Nice.

Frames $10
Drop Cloth $5
Foam Board $4
Magnets $9
Total cost = $28


Sweet Momiji said...

That is so cool! Look like you spent so much more on it! Gorgeous!

Kelly said...

Very nice.

Carmen said...

I need to make one of these! Great job!

Shayna Mills said...

This is beautiful, thank you for sharing it.

rachel said...

What a great idea!
Are the smaller frames glued onto the drop cloth?

arkie said...

What a great look!

Linda said...

Awesome idea...glad to see that you gave it a shot...it looks OUTSTANDING!!!! Hope you have a FUN weekend!

LOOK...you have a new follower...it's ME!!!


kay said...

Wonderful job!

{The Classy Woman} said...

Such a cute idea! I love it! This would be super cute to put cork board behind the frames too or make it a chalkboard.

Finished wall art looks great! :)

Melly said...

Well thats just great