Thursday, January 21, 2010

Easy to make earring holder

My daughter and her mother loves earrings.

But, a large amount of earrings = digging through a large heap of earrings, trying to find ones that match.

This is an easy and cheap solution!

We made several of these out of frames that I picked up cheap at Goodwill.

I took the glass and backing out and then Corey painted the frames the colors that I wanted.

I bought some wire screen mesh in a roll at Walmart and cut it to fit.

After the frames are dry, simply staple the screen on, pulling it as tight as you can.

Here is a completed one, ready for earrings.

These are hung using those "alligator teeth" looking hangers, nailed into the back.

The ribbon is only for a decorative touch.

Love the way these turned out and love the way all the earrings are now organized!


Jut and Char said...

This is a great idea but I need you and all your crafty greatness to come up with a way for me to hang the earrings that have backs up on the mesh as well. I know you have loads of time to mull it over, so let me know when you come up with an idea. :)

rachel said...

I agree... we need something for earrings with backs. We'll patiently be waiting your solution.