Monday, January 25, 2010

Mr. Frost

Recently, Joseph was elected "Mr. Frost" of his freshman class.

Every year the high school students in each grade vote for their "Mr. Frost" and the winner is kept a secret.

The parents of each Mr. Frost are notified and arrangements are made for a surprise early morning visit, videotaped, of course.

Because my Joseph is not normal gets up super duper early every morning to either run or go to swim practice before school, the wake-up crew had to come to our house first.

When they arrived at 3:30am ugh, all dressed in black, video camera in hand, they snuck up the stairs and into Joseph's room.

Then, it sounded like all hell broke loose when they went bursting into his room. The air horn, hand clappers and war cries woke everyone up. Sigh.

But Joseph was already up and out of bed, getting ready for the day.

At the school wide assembly later that week, they showed the video of all the "wake-up calls".

The student body president announced that Joseph was already awake and that she thinks that he never sleeps.

By the end of the week there was a rumor floating around that Joseph was really a vampire.

High school totally cracks me up.

Here is Joseph talking to the Student Body Prez during the school assembly.

Here he is sitting next to the Sophomore Mr. Frost, who happens to be Joseph's friend.

All four Mr. Frost's (sorry the lights were out because the video was being shown and it is also making the Prez's eyes look really wiggie.)

Some great memories!


rachel said...

That's Andrea!! She's student body president?? So cool. Good for her.
Your Joseph is quite the hottie, sorry!

Kelly said...

3:30? Up at 3:30? What time does he go to bed? 3:30AM? Wow. I am impressed, amazed, bewildered, 3:30? What a bummer for the wake up crew. I bet they were more surprised than your son. I can just picture that..all of them standing there with their mouths open looking at each other, like "What the heck is he doing out of bed already!!!" Too funny! Congrats to him on his "Mr. Frost" title.