Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Saving my bacon

I am the type of person that rarely asks for help.

I readily give help but I just have an extremely hard time asking.

I feel guilty when I do ask for help.

I feel like I have passed on a burden to another person and it tortures me.

I really hate doing that to another person.

I recently "overbooked" myself. Thanksgiving, an out of town trip, planning an Eagle Scout court of honor, kids playing multiple sports, an adoption "party", and Levi's blessing at church all happened in 10 day period.

So many good things but in a little time frame that left me feeling overwhelmed.

A friend of mine, Charlotte aka Sewing Guru, came over to help me with some questions that I had about cutting out a dress for Lily.

I was planning on staying up most of the night because I needed it done by the next morning.

She literally ripped the fabric and pattern out of my hands and took it home, ignoring my feeble protests.

Early the very next morning, we stopped by her house on the way out of town.

The dress was completed. As in all done. How she took a pile of fabric, a pattern and whipped up an amazing little dress overnight, I don't know. And it looked waaaaaay better then the one that I had sewn for Hannah just don't tell Hannah I said that.

We were all so impressed, not only that she is really an amazing seamstress but that she was willing to take her time to help me out.

Thanks Char! I just can't tell you enough what that meant to me.

You. are. amazing.


rachel said...

CUTE dresses!! What a sweet friend. :)

Kelly said...


Jut and Char said...

It was my pleasure. I was glad I could help someone who does so much for others.