Friday, February 12, 2010

Arrowheads and a Stagecoach picture

Corey's grandma was an amazing, giving person. She loved her family and was there to support them, no matter what. There were always grandkids at her house and she shuttled them around, fed them and was just there for them.

Let me tell you, people like Grandma just don't come along all the time.

When I grow up, I want to be just like her.

Corey has many, many fond memories of being over at his grandparent's and great-grandparent's houses.

After Corey and I moved to the same town as his grandparents, Grandma would call me almost every day and I truly loved talking to her. She always told me how much she loved Corey and that he (and one of his cousins) were her favorites.

She was one of those people that, if you really needed something, she would be there.

She was such a wonderful example to me and when she suddenly died it was very hard on both Corey and myself. I had never lost someone that I loved that much before and both Corey and I still talk about her and how much we miss her.

We are so lucky to have been the recipients of some of her things, which we cherish.

When Grandma's mom (Corey's great-grandma) went along with her husband sheep shearing on the plains, she picked up a bunch of arrowheads.

They have been sitting in our hutch for a long time now, in a drinking glass.

I bought a couple of cute, rustic frames (with my coupon at Michael's crafts) and covered the backing with burlap. You can't really tell from the picture but they look like old, weathered wood that you would have found backintheday.

I then arranged the arrowheads in a nice pattern and glued them on.

The following stagecoach picture was painted by one of her relatives and, at one point, was hung in the Idaho State Capital building.

It is not our style, but we love it because she did.

Corey painted the frame a beautiful Espresso brown and we hung it in our spare bedroom where, hopefully, the kids will not ruin it.

Now, we have a nice arrangement.

One that reminds us a a truly wonderful woman.

We miss you Grandma!

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rachel said...

Oh this post makes me smile... and want to cry at the same time. Makes me miss my Gram.