Monday, February 8, 2010

Easy Paper Mache letters

In case you haven't noticed by now, I have a large mild obsession with the letter W.

Weird, wild, willyouknockitoff, warped, witch...

All common things said around here.

Kidding people, I joke.


It's the first letter of our last name.

My maiden name started with a letter E which was silent so it always got mispronounced.

So, I took on a simpler last name when I got hitched and now instead of only having one other person in the world with my name (we have actually talked on Facebook), now I share my name with nine hundred.

I feel so special.



Here are some more letter W's from my decor exhibit.

Paper Mache this time, from Jo-Anns.

Spray painted the back and sides in Espresso

Traced and cut on scrapbook paper that I had left over from my World Market Art project.

Modpodged on.

Easy peesy!



rachel said...

I think I need some H's!

rachel said...

do this next:

steffany said...

I just happened onto your blog, I LOVE your style (writing and decorating)

Our last name starts with W, too.

Have a great day.