Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Jewerly Organization

All finished with my jewelry center!

You may remember this earring organizer-

I needed a way to hang up all my other earrings so,

I picked up a couple of plate hangers...

Painted a couple of frames from GW with Canyon Black.

Stapled window screen to the back of one.

Plastic mesh screen waaaay easier to deal with then the metal kind.

I can now easily take my frame down and take my earring backs off and on.

For the remaining kind of earrings, I stapled 3/8" grosgrain ribbon in strips.

I added a couple ribbons going down and then hand stitched them to the ones going across for stability.

I heat sealed all my ribbon ends with my wood burning tool.

All nice and tidy!

I finished off the back of both kinds of frames by hot gluing 3/8" grosgrain ribbon along the edges.

I still needed something to help organize my necklaces and I came across the perfect thing at GW for $2.

Here is a close up of the beautiful spindly looking thing that I painted black to match. I think it was a towel bar but I'm not sure.

Soooo much easier to deal with them this way instead of a jumbled pile at the bottom of one of my dresser drawers.

Love being organized!

Here is the version that I did for Liz's room.

The double plate holder was a GW purchase and so were the frames.

Everything was painted Canyon Black to make it all look "put together".


Linda said...

Awesome ideas...thanks sooooo much for sharing them:)


Your Frugal Friend, Niki said...

Wow, this is exactly what I want for my jewelry!

Bookmarking this for later use.