Sunday, February 21, 2010

Keep on going till you get it right

Or, until it doesn't bug you anymore...

I bought this vase at Goodwill (big shocker, huh?).

I totally wasn't digging the gold but I liked the shape.

The first paint job covered up the gold with Oil Rubbed Bronze.

It made the vase look like it was wearing prison stripes.

Since it was sitting by the front door it would kind of lend to the atmosphere.

Ya know, when kiddos try to escape out the front door and we yell "Prison Break!"


You don't do that?

Then, forget I said anything.

I tried to soften up the white by painting it heirloom white, which is a fancy name for cream.

It made the vase look like a buoy.

Every time I looked at it, I swear I could hear seagulls and bells in the distance.

So, it was painted again.

This time the gold turned Oil Rubbed Bronze was turned into Espresso.

Do you fall asleep in class or are you following me?

I think it is much better.

If it reminds you of anything else...

Please keep that to yourself...

1 comment:

takemetomaui said...

Beautiful! You are making me want to go to Goodwill today after church, which may just push my husband over the edge :)