Thursday, February 18, 2010

"New" Lamp for Liz

Liz's birthday is coming up and we bought her a new comforter set (sshhhhh...) for her bed.

JC Penny's had the cutest lamp displayed along with the bedding set, but it was on sale for $50 for the table version. Ouch! That is more then her entire bed set cost.

No can do.

I can, however, make one myself, using colors that were more suited for her room.

Here is a pix of the lamps from JC Penny's.

I marched my lil ol self over to Goodwill and picked up a lampshade for $4 and a pretty white tablecloth for $3.

If I had more patience, I could have waited it out and only bought items that were half off. I was chompin' at the bit to get this done, so I paid full price at Goodwill.

I just realized how cheap that makes me sound, complaining about paying retail at Goodwill. Ha!

I then went over to Michael's Crafts and bought a white feather boa (used a coupon) and ended up spending $5.

I went home, ripped the fabric off the lampshade and replaced it with fabric from the tablecloth.

I had a lamp from a previous trip to Goodwill ($5) and Corey painted it Canyon Black.

Total cost $17.

Not too shabby.

But don't tell's a surprise!


rachel said...

Super cute!

Rayli said...

so cute! you are so crafty!

Nike said...

Ack! I love it! That is exactly what my girls need in their room. Pst ... don't tell them either. I'm thinking this would be a great surprise for their birthdays in April. Thanks for sharing!