Sunday, February 14, 2010

Embroidary Hoop Art

Even before I saw this totally fun project idea on Imperfectly Beautiful blog , I had seen this cute little picture in my Ballard's catalog.

The word CREATE was spelled out and hung over a workspace.

Cute, huh?

$300 cute?

I think not.

I showed the above picture to Corey.

Me: "Aren't these cute?"

Corey: "Sure." aka whatever you say dear.

Me: "I think it would be fun to make something like this and hang it over the bed."

Corey: "You want to hang the word Create over the bed?"

Me: "No, a different word, of course."

Corey: "You could add Pro in front of the word Create and hang that over the bed."

Me: Looks at Corey in disbelief

Corey: Turns purple because he is laughing so hard

So, now, I'm thinking to myself that Corey definitely needs to get out more.

Any volunteers to help with that?


No one?


I was afraid of that.

Thanks a lot peeps.

So, you can see why I went with the following, non word version.

It was just safer...


rachel said...

AAACK! I love it! And I love infarrantly creative. I actually saved that post as a "someday" idea... You're so on top of things. HOW do you do it???????

One Life Many Journeys said...

I love it....are those embroidery hoops?

Green Willow Pond said...

Oh my...I would follow your blog just to enjoy your sense of humor...I laughed so hard! But I really love your ideas too! So I am a followin'