Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Miss Disagreable

Our oldest two girls are every parents dream.

Sweet, feminine, mild, petite little girls.

Our last daughter is giving us a run for our money.

She is feisty, ornery, demanding, fat, bossy and a little turd.

We refer to her as "The Pissy Missy" or "The She-Beast"

Today, she got mad at Corey and called him a baby.

Did I mention that she's not even 2?

That we all totally crack up at her bad behavior is so not helping.

In a couple of years from now it won't be cute at all.

Who is ruining this child?

Who is spoiling her?

Because, clearly, it's not me...



Jennifer said...

How can you not spoil her with a face like that and those cherub curls.

Yeah. You're in trouble.

rachel said...

Holy cow, Beck, she's SO freakin cute!! Delaney just saw her picture and said, "Baby". They're friends forever now.