Friday, October 8, 2010

Camp Week

We've been so slammed around here with the canning and kids being back in school, guess it goes without saying that my blog posts are way behind.

Near the end of summer while two of the boys were at Scout camp, the rest of us headed over to the coast for a fun day.

Since we purchased an aquarium membership at the beginning of summer (it was cheaper to buy a membership then pay individual one day admissions for all of us), we were able to go back for free! favorite word!

Huge fish tanks...
Levi having a staring contest with an orange fish...
Hannah totally grossed out by the same orange fish...
The kids checking out the sea lions.

We had the neighbor girl with us too.
Lily Pad and her daddy...
I should have put signs on them that read,

"Do not feed the animals"

Except some people might have found that offensive...

Matthew, our little scuba diver...
The twins, looking irritated at being forced to pose for the camera...
All the kiddos plus the neighbor girl minus the campers.

Did you follow that?
Then we headed over to the scout camp to check in on our campers.

Here is Tim with his bunk.
And we found Joshua, out in the wilderness.

Ok, not really, we found him next to the campsite.

But out in "The Wilderness" (especially said in a low, ominous voice) sounds much better.
Ice cream and a view of the coast topped off a truly excellent day.
How do we measure a successful outing?

Making it back home with the same number of kids that we left with.

That's how.

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