Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Our Flock of Chicks

This summer saw us getting our own flock of chickens.

The "coop" is an old shed that we got for free off CL.

The chickens were preowned and were given to us by someone who didn't have time to care for them anymore.

Josh and Liz have named most of them.

Snack, Drumstick 1, Drumstick 2, and Chicken Dinner.

The hens must know this because they are laying eggs really good.
This is our bully hen.

She is such a brat.
The bully chicken was picking on another hen...mercilessly.

The poor chicken had lost all her feathers and was constantly red and sore all over her head and neck.

I bought some really nasty tasting, brown, thick ooze stuff to slather all over her neck in hopes that she wouldn't taste good to the bully hen.

How do I know it tastes nasty?

Here is a tip for you.

When smearing on nasty, spicy, thick brown goo onto the offended chickens neck...

Be sure to keep your mouth closed so that you won't end up with any of it in your mouth when the chicken shakes her head.

Enough said.
But even that didn't work.

Although, I know I won't be biting her neck anytime soon...

Luckily, a week long separation seemed to do the trick.

Maybe the bully hen has a really short memory but when introduced to the chicken she had offended, she didn't even seem to remember her.

As long as the eggs keep on coming...

And we find a way to keep them out of the neighbor's yard...

Then they will all live happily ever after...

The End.

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