Sunday, October 24, 2010

More wedding cakes

A couple recent wedding cakes...

The first totally fun couple were getting married real "low key".

Backyard BBQ, close friends and family...

Sounds like my kind of shindig!

They just asked for "bright and fun".

This is what they got...

Butter cream frosting with homemade marshmallow fondant decor.

Fun to make too, which is always a bonus!
Some friends of ours, whom we love, love, love, had a son that recently got hitched.

They are the most awesome friends that we could ever ask for and all my kids love them dearly!

This is the cake that I did for the reception...
Best part about the cake?

As a "thank you" they took ALL the kids for an entire day so that Corey and I could run away work on the Christmas shopping.

NO ONE is ever crazy brave enough to take ALL of them but these friends did!

I can't even remember the last time that something this marvelous has happened!

I just wish they had more kids that needed wedding cakes...

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