Thursday, October 21, 2010

Homecoming Week

More homecoming pictures and then I swear just not out front of the kids that I'll answer some questions, show some gratitude for some awards and just do some catch up in general.

In the meantime let me show you some more pictures of the first place float that the sophomores won't stop talking about.

Is that not the coolest old boat that you ever did see?

Who was the awesome person that found that?

Oh...that would be ME! Ha!

Actually, I saw that bad boy for free on CL and I immediately thought of the homecoming float.

Ok, not really, I really thought of my Halloween decorations but I decided that I would let them use it in the meantime.

But only after they made a blood oath to take care of it.

After all, it cost me a ton of money.

Oops, did I already mention that it was free?

Guess I shouldn't have admitted that. really went well on their float.
They even had the pirate dog with the prison keys.
They built a jail out of conduit which ended up being really inexpensive.
They reused the plywood from last year's float and just repainted it.

The sails were black tablecloths that my dad got out of a storage unit auction.
Remember all the mardi gras beads that my dad bought at a garage sale?

That's what they put in the treasure chest.
The twins...aka Jack Sparrow and Will Turner.
At halftime during the Homecoming game the floats were presented to the crowd.

Remember how I said that Tim was kinda snubbed by his classmates.

Imagine our surprise when the freshman float passed and Tim was on it. (He's in the red)
The sophomore float
Seniors had a really nice float.

You could tell that a lot of work had gone into the making of it.
The princesses and their escorts lined up.

The kids thought that it was for sure rigged for the seniors to always win.

The guy in charge told me that it is not rigged and that the sophomores almost won it all.

That would have been funny as I have never ever heard of that happening.
My boys before the Homecoming Dance.

My young men...

Love these guys!

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