Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Mario Brothers

Matthew and Levi asked to be the Mario brothers this year. 



Cute that even the letters on their hats would work for their first names too!

If you want to make a homemade Mario or Luigi costume, let me assure you that is actually very easy!

I used the McCalls pattern 5508 (comes in sizes 1-3 toddler or 4-6 childrens).

I used inexpensive Symphony Broadcloth from JoAnns Fabrics that was on sale for $1.50/yd.

The buttons were buy one, get one and were from JoAnns as well.

I had the blue buttons already that I used for the sides.

For the hats, I used Simplicity pattern 2526.

It is for sizes 1/2 through 4 and the hat had S, M or L options.

Levi has a larger than average  noggin so we went with the large size.

It fit him perfectly.

I used inexpensive felt for both the hat and hat lining. 

The white circle and the letters on the front of the hats are both cut from felt and were sewn on after the hat was finished.

The white stretch gloves were purchased at Walmart, 2 pairs for $1.50.

The long sleeved shirts came from Target's clearance section, $2.78 each.

The moustaches were cut out of black felt.

Brown shoes complete the look.

They look so cute and are so excited about these costumes.

One of these costumes can easily be completed in one day.

Or over the span of several days, allowing for numerous interruptions by little people.

Wish I could have got the girls to go as Princess Peach and Daisy but they refused.


At least I'll have my little Mario brothers.

And there is always next year...


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Matthew and Levi look awesome...and so do their costumes!