Sunday, October 17, 2010

We Love Our Ducks!

It's no secret around here that we are Duck fans!

The last couple of years we have been privileged to get to know Brandon Bair (#88) and his beautiful wife and QT pie daughter.

When they come over to our house, Brandon (who is 6'7") has to Duck (get it?  Duck...Ha! Becky made a funny!) to come in through the door. 

Even Levi has noticed that Brandon is not small.  "Dad", he said. "Brandon Bair is a lot bigger then you!" 

Yes, Brandon is a big guy and he is a amazing football player.  But what is so wonderful about Brandon is that he is also a really good person, through and through, and such a wonderful role model for the young people in our community.

In the off-season, Brandon can often be found at the youth games in our small town, supporting the local teams and graciously autographing various items.

When we heard the AMAZING news today that the Ducks are ranked Number 1, we were thrilled, both for Brandon (who is a senior this year) and for the entire team.

We will certainly miss "The Grizzly" (as the commentators have nicknamed him) next year as we are confident that a NFL draft is in his near future.

Recently, Brandon gifted us a bunch of tickets so Corey took the four oldest boys and watched a game...up close and personal.

Our most fav Duck player...
We Love Our Ducks!!!
Go Ducks!

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