Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Riot Night

Our high school, like many high schools, have a Homecoming week.

Floats made, spirit week celebrated and princesses elected.

Fun, Fun, Fun!

Since the twins are both in student government again this year, the float was partly their responsibility.

The classes all went with a Disney movie theme and the sophomores chose the trilogy, Pirates of the Caribbean.

The theme was chosen last spring so the kids were able to obsess work on the float all summer long.

During homecoming week, the floats are presented at the high school and judged.

The floats are then hauled around town, followed by the Princesses in their cars.

The students follow and meet up in town square for a good old fashioned cheer contest.

This was the first year that my whole family went and we sure did have fun.

Here are the Homecoming floats-

The twins were so excited when their good friend was elected as Homecoming Princess for the sophomores.

Joseph, who is class prez, was one of the individuals that tallied the votes and he was having a hard time keeping mum.
All the kiddos following the floats.

Who won?

The sophomores!

The other classes that were sore losers lost were accusing the sophomores of having a lot of help from the 'rentals.

Funny thing was...they had very little help.

They are just a very organized, smart, resourceful group of young people.

Tim, who is a freshman, tried to get involved with the building of the freshman float. From what he said when he got home, sounded like he was snubbed. So, he came home and helped his brothers at their work party.

The freshman came in last, which is typical of their first effort. So, Tim didn't feel too bad after all.

I just had to remind myself to put the can of mama bear whoop a** away.

Cuz, I can get all weird like that when my kids are involved. :)

Happy Riot Night!

Can't wait for next year!

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